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When it comes to e-commerce, we're in our element. We'll help you find the work of your dreams.

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What you can expect from working together with us:

  • Exceptionally good insight.
  • Properly targeting and connecting with decision-makers.
  • When participating in a job selection process, we provide precise preparation and specific feedback.
  • Objective, fair, sincere.

What to expect when working with us:


Three hundred and sixty five.

Quality is at the heart of our work. So just your CV won't cut it, we'll need to grill you a bit. For expert positions you can expect a test and after evaluation this may also be followed up by a professional interview with a guarantor. And, we'll also want to have a chat


We'll connect you with the right people.

If at all possible, we'll try to set up your interview directly with your future boss. With the person, who has decided to expand their team, who has a clear vision of who they need and what they want done. Like you, we also don't like assessment centres.


Practice makes perfect.

Our goal is to perfectly prepare you for the interview/meeting. What kind of questions can you expect? Who will you meet during the interview? What to prepare for your meeting, what questions to prepare? What not to ask about first? How to dress and what not

Why work with us? What is our added value?

Super Insight

We’ll provide you with maximum information about the position that you are applying for, about the client, about the people in the company, about your future boss, processes, procedures, selection proceedings.

Precise preparation and specific feedback.

For a meeting or an interview. You will receive specific and if it’s at all possible detailed feedback. We are convinced that by being fair and open, we’ll achieve the goal of finding you – sooner or later – the work of your dreams.

Objective, fair, sincere.

Let’s become true partners. Your goal is our goal.

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We'll determine how best we can help you and then get down to work!