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We are a Prague-based company serving medium and large e-shops, retailers, agencies and start-ups at home and abroad. We are here to help your online business find the best people in the market.

We approach the industry in a unique way due to our years of experience in this specific field, we are the only company in the Czech Republic to focus entirely on ecommerce and online marketing HR. We are surrounded by a number of top assessors, no other company is as detailed or meticulous in it's recruitment.

Together with them we can scrutinize applicants and find your diamond in the rough.

You know that all a candidate needs in order to trick you is the ink in his pen.
Do not be fooled. Get in touch with us. Get in touch with experts. Connect with Online People.




Are you looking for experts in ecommerce and online marketing? Then you are in right place! Our services are designed for companies and projects that need to fill positions related to ecommerce and online marketing, as well as for ecommerce specialists who want to work for online projects. Services that we provide for you, our clients, combine many years of experience in ecommerce and HR. We are professionals with strong personal leadership and years of experience participating in major online projects, something we continue to do to this day. We understand commerce and that’s why we focus exclusively on positions related to ecommerce and online marketing. Are we the perfect partner?

The recruitment process should always begin by defining the job with its contents, responsibilities, competencies, objectives and company structure. Creating an interesting story about your company to pique the interest of the right candidates is also pivotal. We pay enormous attention to this initial phase to absorb the special atmosphere of your company, where your new employee has to effortlessly fit into the dynamic of your team. We understand the importance of rapport, one can study, gain experience and hold a list of impressive credentials, however when a candidate is not the perfect fit, this can spell disaster and can be an unwelcome and unnecessary distraction for your company.


Contact us and we will help you to choose the best online specialists.
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Phone: (+420) 734 445 535
Company seat: Tř. Maršála Malinovského 884, Uherské Hradiště, 686 01
Společnost zapsaná v obchodním rejstříku Krajského soudu v Brně, oddíl C., vložka 85363